Research Advisory Committee

The Foundation’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC) sets research priorities and directs research activities. The RAC is comprised of leaders in industry, academia and government who volunteer their time to serve in this critical capacity. Further, the RAC is comprised of four subgroups addressing Salmonella, Shiga Toxin-producing Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Beef. The three pathogen specific subgroups address all species. The fourth subgroup, Beef, focuses on research that may be funded with Beef Checkoff dollars within the context of Foundation’s priorities and Cattlemen’s Beef Board approval. The RAC meets each spring to develop the Foundation’s Research Priorities.


Aaron Asmus
Hormel Foods Corporate Services, LLC

Sharon Beals
US Foods, Inc

Angel Besta
Greater Omaha Packing Co., Inc.

Chris Bodendorfer
Johnsonville Foods LLC

Peter Bodnaruk
Tyson Foods, Inc.

Betsy Booren

Ann Brackenridge
Cargill Inc.

Ted Brown
Cargill, Inc.

John Butts
Land O’Frost, Inc.

Mandy Carr
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Trevor Caviness
Caviness Beef Packers Ltd

Jorge Correa
Canadian Meat Council

Jeff Cromer
AB Foods

Mike DeCesare
Daniele, Inc.

Robert Delmore
Colorado State University

Jim Dickson
Iowa State University

Warren Dorsa
Smithfield Foods

Scott Eilert
Cargill, Inc.

Christian Fuchs
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

Kerri Gehring
Texas A&M University

Kari Godbey
American Beef Packers, Inc.

Katie Hanigan
Smithfield Foods

Matt Henderson
Land O’Frost, Inc.

Travis Holmes
Surlean Foods/L&H Packing Co.

Randy Huffman
Maple Leaf Food Inc.

Mohammad Koohmaraie
IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group

Mark Kreul
In-N-Out Burger

Steve Larsen
National Pork Board

John Luchansky
USDA, Agricultural Research Service

Mike Luczynski
Boar’s Head Provisions Co., Inc

Brenden McCullough
National Beef Packing Co. LLC

Patrick Mies
National Beef Packing Co. LLC

Andrew Milkowski
University of Wisconsin

Ali Mohseni
American Foods Group

Kevin Myers
Hormel Foods Corporate Services, LLC

Nandini Natrajan
Keystone Foods LLC

Petri Papinaho
Jennie-O Turkey Store

Ken Peterson
OSI Group

Jerri Lynn Pickett
Tyson Foods, Inc.

Curtis Pittman
Harris Ranch Beef Company

Thomas Powell
American Meat Science Association

Stephen Quickert
Kraft Heinz Company

Rasool Rabbani
Bar-S Foods

Michael Robach
Cargill, Inc.

Scott Stillwell
Tyson Foods, Inc.

Hilary Thesmar
Food Marketing Institute

Melissa VanLanningham
Superior Farms

Tommy Wheeler
USDA, Agricultural Research Service

Martin Wiedmann
Cornell University

Diane Wood
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods

Janice Wynn
Harris Ranch Beef Company